SUNNY STUDIO: Build-A-Bowl | Sunny Snippets

  • 1999

SUNNY STUDIO: Build-A-Bowl | Sunny Snippets

Get ready to serve up some crafting goodness with the Build-a-Bowl Dies! Say hello to a world of endless possibilities with these versatile dies.  Mix and match the dies to create a bowl, fruit basket, or colander, and fill it with your favorite fruit, vegetables, or flowers.

Approximate measurements:
Assembled Bowl- 3-1/4"w x 1-5/8"h
Fruit Basket- 3-1/4"w x 1-7/16"h
Assembled Colander- 4-1/8"w x 1-7/8"h

Sunny Snippets are custom craft dies made from high quality steel and are compatible with most die-cutting machines.

April 2024

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