PINKFRESH STUDIO: Floral Print Circle | Layered Stencils

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PINK FRESH STUDIO:  Floral Print Circle | Layered Stencils

This is a 5 piece layering stencil set designed by Inna Moreva. Create colorful floral circles with the 5 step stencil set. Create a set of floral ornaments on your card front, use them behind a peekaboo circle, or make them the background of your shaker window!  With a stencil for every layer, easily build up a gorgeous floral background by layering ink, paint or sprays. Creating a gorgeous floral has never been easier, and it will look like your design took hours to create!

Each stencil is numbered in the upper left corner for correct layering purposes, with guidelines to help you line up each layer perfectly.

Measures approximately 4.25” x 5.25”

December 2020 release