ALTENEW: Paint-A-Flower: Dahlia Bright Eyes Outline | Stamp

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ALTENEW: Paint-A-Flower: Dahlia Bright Eyes Outline | Stamp

This outline dahlia stamp set features airy blossoms held on dark stems that appear to float in midair. Color in the stems and petals with your favorite coloring mediums to create vibrant paper crafted projects.

This is a 4"" x 6"" clear stamp set containing 9 individual stamps made in the USA from high-quality photopolymer.


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    Dahlia Bright Eyes Flower Guide:

    • Butterflies and bees love the tufts of yellow stamens on the vibrant blooms of Dahlia 'Bright Eyes.'
    • Dahlias have many symbolic meanings which have been derived from the appearance of the Dahlia flower and its significance to humankind.
    • Some of the most common Dahlia symbolic meanings are: remaining graceful, finding inner strength, changing in a positive way, standing out from the crowd, always being kind, staying adventurous and relaxed, and commitment.

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    March 2022 release