ALTENEW: Craft-A-Flower: Dendrobium Orchid | Layering Die

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ALTENEW: Craft-A-Flower: Dendrobium Orchid | Layering Die

Packed with endless goodness, there is nothing like this layering orchid die set!

With some cardstock and a bit of fun layering, you will be able to create 4 dendrobium orchid flowers, 5 buds on stems, and a set of leaves. Each flower consists of a base layer that includes the petals and the sepals, a wing layer which represents the two petals, a highlight layer consisting of 4-5 pieces, and 2 layers for the lip of the flower. The buds and the leaves all have 2 layers each. Finally, the flowers are designed to face different angles so you can have the versatility of creating unique floral arrangements.

Garden, floral, flower, orchids

Die Dimensions

  • Approx. Flower Size: 1.2" x 1.2"
  • Longest Pair of Stems: 1.6" x 2.7"

        Download: Craft-A-Flower: Dendrobium Orchid Layering Guide

        October 2021 release