THE GRAY MUSE:  Enamel Pin - Card Maker

THE GRAY MUSE: Enamel Pin - Card Maker

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THE GRAY MUSE: Enamel Pin - Card Maker

This enamel pin was designed with the card maker in mind.

0.25" tall x 1" wide hard enamel pin.

Gold metal plating with 2 rubber clutches.

From the Artist, Rubeena:

We may have a few things in common. I'm an introvert. Empath. Highly sensitive person. Licensed social worker.
I enjoy watercoloring, cardmaking, collecting and designing enamel pins, reading personal and professional development books, listening to podcasts, writing all the things, talking to friends, and not taking naps.

I am a mom to a one-year-old girl with energy I wish I could bottle up and pour into my morning cup of coffee.
It takes a village to raise a child... and run a business.

My mom helps watch my daughter and unpacks my shipments when they arrive. She also feeds me when I haven't had time to cook. 

My husband helps to pack them in bags. 

Everything else? I do it out of my tiny craft room.
From planning to sketching to designing to quality check, it's all me. My happy place looks a bit like a warehouse, but it works for now. I want to provide you with high-quality, unique handmade products that help you express who you are, what you stand for, or what you love.
I hope that my products bring together a community of empowered artists like you and me who make a difference through connection, encouragement, and spreading joy through crafting.

Proudly wear your passion and be reminded of the good things that creating brings to you. 

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